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Intention and Mindfulness

What have you been concentrating on recently? Just how well life is going for you right now? Have you set an intention lately?  Or how much organising you’ve been doing compared to this time last year, or how well your superiors have been ranking you? Or on how much your partner enjoys you and how much you revel in the relationship you’re having?

Or on the excellent state of your savings account? On your ever-present health and slim and trim physique? Or on the pleasure you experience each time you sit down to dinner with your teenage children? On the wonderful holiday you returned from recently and the even more interesting one you are planning for the future? Mindfulness gives you space to create powerful and transformative intentions.  Or on the great way you feel about yourself and all the important things you are producing and finishing with your life?

What You Believe is Exactly what You Are

I can just hear you spluttering, “Exactly what type of woo woo thinking is this? Where do these concepts originate from? People just don’t really believe that stuff do they?”

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True. The majority of people do not believe like that. In fact, the majority of people believe the exact opposite of that. The majority of people focus on all the things that are going wrong with their lives. You could say they are living at effect instead of cause.  Many people invest much of their time considering their problems and wondering how they are going to fix them.

The majority of people think of all the important things that could go wrong with their lives or about individuals or events that stand in the method of their success. Many people think and think and consider whatever it is that stresses them, since they think that is the method to resolve the problem.  It’s like focusing on the problem as a way to get a solution – when in fact you need to look outside for the solution.

The reality is that most people focus so much on what they hesitate of, or exactly what bothers them, or exactly what stresses them, or what they don’t know ways to solve, that they are giving all or most of their conscious and subconscious energy and intuition to an unfavorable result – the problem.  Like aying what you don’t want – but not saying what you DO want.

What Type of a Result Do You Want?

Consider this: the more you offer your energy to something, the more that thing has a possibility of entering being. If you focus on getting a university degree, you will most likely achieve that objective. If you concentrate on writing a book, you will once again probably accomplish that goal.

However what occurs if you continually inform yourself, while you are concentrating on getting the degree, that you are not intelligent sufficient to pass the tests, or that you merely are incapable of comprehending the course material? It’s called negative self talk, or your inner critic.  And exactly what happens, if you constantly tell yourself while you are focusing on composing the book, that you will never ever have the ability to write well, or that your story is not good enough?  It can really blow any attempt at finding your life purpose.

Certainly you are not only weakening yourself and undermining your desired results, however you might likewise be developing a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Focus and Intent

Exactly what can you do? Let’s assume you are encouraged that you lack the intelligence to pass the examinations. Or that you are persuaded that you will never write well. You have an objective, and that objective is to get a degree or to write a book. In order to focus on that goal, your objective is to make sure that your thoughts are aligned with – or deliberately focused on – that goal. Therefore, whenever your thoughts stray from the objective into negative area, you have to pull them back into the arena of favorable results.

Objectives and Worries

Focusing on a preferred goal is extremely hard for a very basic reason: we are far too used to focusing on the worries surrounding the objective (I am so scared I will never ever have a terrific relationship, rather than imagining in your mind’s eye the terrific relationship in the way you desire it to be; or how will I ever get that promotion rather than envisioning in your mind’s eye the method you will feel when you do get the hoped-for promo).  It’s also one of the most popular things asked in the life coach definition.

How to Focus

So how do you focus? When you worry, and your mind goes around and around a problem, or some stress in your life, you are extremely focused on the problem. It is exactly at that moment that you have to re-focus and see your wanted goal or result in your mind’s eye, instead of all the issues you associate with it.

The more time you spend on whatever it is you wish to have in your life – whether this is a material goal, a professional goal, a relational objective, or whatever makes absolutely no distinction – the more you will be in a position to accomplish it, to attract it into your life. That must be very motivational for anyone reading this!  The more you believe – and focus – on that goal in a positive method, the more likely it is that you will attain your wanted result. This is the Law of Attraction.

Deliberately Re-focus on the Positive

Remember: the time you spend fretting about the wanted outcome is time spent focusing on the reverse of what you want, so become extremely knowledgeable about all your ideas and focus them in the best direction. Do this regularly each time you capture yourself believing the unfavorable variation of your objectives till purposefully re-focusing on the favorable ends up being force of habit.

This routine resembles enhancing a muscle – if you do it every day, it will occur more and more regularly, and soon you will find that not just do most of your thoughts and sensations concentrate on the favorable direction of your goals, however that those positive goals become part of your truth.


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