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About Mindfulnesss.com

First, you might have noticed the extra s.  I like to think the extra s is for saying the word slowly, calmly and deliberately.

Mindfulnesss.  Say it,  Sounds good right?

About Mindfulness

There are basically 2 kinds of travelers in this world. There are those who are consumed by ‘ticking boxes’ and taking a trip to all the ‘major destinations’ just to state that they have actually been there and done that. There are those who genuinely take a trip for the experience of taking a trip and who soak up everything along the way. The genuine function of traveling is not to reach a destination, but to travel.

Lots of individuals go through life reaching for locations and they end up never ‘traveling’. See, your entire life is really lived within the boundaries of your mind. We nearly live in this other location that we strive to and we end up forgetting where we are right now – which is all we have actually truly got anyhow.
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Life is resided in the ‘now’. Now is all you will ever actually own. Although you can escape to some future location in your mind, a location that you believe will make you pleased, you just actually want that to experience that in a moment of now anyhow. It’s just when you are firmly rooted in today moment when all of you is here, that you can actually experience something totally.

Welcome to Mindfulness

An awareness of where you have actually been and a vision for where you are going will color your experience of now. Set your course for where you desire to go and then make sure that you are firmly rooted in the present. Always remember that the purpose of traveling is not to reach a destination, but to travel – it’s all about the experience.

The danger in always being focused on some future goal or achievement is that it sidetracks us from taking action right here, right now. When your mind is at some place in the future, you tend to take in all the possible problems that this (fictional) future may hold. This is the essence of mindfulness.  When you are rooted in the future you will constantly fabricate situations and circumstances that will encourage procrastination.

It’s true that action will not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. Procrastination steals your future by taking your present moments. Be in today moment. It will free you from the worries and issues that will keep you locked up in procrastination and indecision. To overcome procrastination, take a look at exactly what’s right in front of you and start there.

Always ask yourself exactly what you can do today – and do that! Never lose your present moments with exactly what you ‘might have’ or ‘need to have’ done and don’t be held captive by your future. This is when your monkey mind can skip away from you.  Always be mindful of where your head is at, since that is where you are, and where you are is what will identify what you will or will refrain from doing.

This is the essence of Mindfulnesss.  Welcome.

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