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Mindfulness; the gift of stillness and calm

Welcome to Mindfulnesss, a personal project to share my passion and energy for mindfulness.

I came to mindfulness back in 1990 as a teenager learning the body scan technique.  It led me into a state of deep relaxation and for the first time in my life I crept outside of my anxious, hyper sensitive state.  Being in the trance-like mindful moment was such a calm and still relief from my constantly checking and obsessing mind.  I enjoyed it!

As I grew older I drifted away from Mindfulness until I was struggling to survive day to day.  Then, after a particularly low point of my life I basically surrendered and decided to go totally clean and sober for the rest of my life.  Part of my coping kit was meditating and embracing a mindfulness around my daily activities so I would not ‘lose myself in the story’ ever again.

Right now I am inviting you to join me on the journey of mindfulness.  It is still,l calm and aware and most of all very accepting and non judging.

The only requirement for entry into mindfulness is that you give yourself permission.  And you can do that for yourself right now, if you wish….

Welcome to Mindfulnesss…


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