Some say it’s best to start at the beginning -but I am going to start at where I am right now.  It’s Friday.  A wild, windy wintery August in Australia and I’m here finally getting some text into these pages.  I’ve been planning on writing this for a while now and it feels comforting to be able to share like this.

My journey up until now will unfold as I post here.  For the sake of context I’m eight weeks out of a psychiatric hospital – where I spent 21 days first in detox and then in group rehab.  It was an amazing experience and really helped me get some context around where I want to go at this stage of my life.

I’m 45 years old.  I work in the digital space, from home, and I live near the beach not far from Sydney, NSW.  I’m a father and husband and all that will unfold as I share later on.

But for now, I’m just getting used to writing and journalling “out loud” again.  I had a blog back in 2010 and really enjoyed the space.  My old blog grew pretty big and I was featured and I met some amazing people.  But I don’t have anything like that planned for this space.  I am more about sharing myself and seeing my thoughts in print, I guess.  Nowhere near as ambitious or driven.  Just sharing and unpacking my thoughts.

Right now I am learning to be grateful again and respecting the little things that make life special.  When I was in the psychiatric hospital I was being treated for alcoholism, and underneath that is so much selfishness and self pity.  It has been very confronting to face that in myself.

I’m going to an AA meeting once per week, which is refreshing and full of people in long term recovery.  34 years, 27 years – those numbers are worthy of some deep respect and it is humbling to listen to their stories.  I also go to a Codependents Anonymous meeting once per week, which is also helpful.   I think meetings are a great way to get free group therapy and build a good habit of accountability for me.

I’m setting an intention to post here as part of my recovery and personal growth.  Looking forward to sharing my journey.